Accountability App Prototype

Goal(s) of the app: to give accountability partners a QUICK and IMMEDIATE way to MASS communicate with each other during a crisis situation (for example: when a struggling alcoholic is tempted with a drink at a bar, he/she doesn't want to do it, but the urge is too strong...they open the app, … [Read more...]

How to Use SEO Keywords in Your Blogging

Search engines are one of the biggest sources of organic traffic to blogs… especially Google. SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a very effective tool for telling search engines what you blog and posts are all about. This helps them decide whether or not your content is relevant to a … [Read more...]

2013 MLB draft picks include players of Samoan and Tongan heritage

Sean Manaea Round 1 Pick 34 KC Royals LHP Indiana State University Amalani Fukofuka Round 5 Pick 144 KC Royals CF R/R Senior High School Tyler Kuresa Round 14 Pick 433 Atlanta Braves 1B L/L JR at UC Santa Barbara … [Read more...]

2nd course of action: Blogger Outreach

Timeline status: - Remembered my conversation with an awesome SEO company and decided to implement the approach I told them I was going to use this year.  It as awesome because they had a similar approach to Link Building, so it was nice to be validated by a Premiere SEO company. - Googled for … [Read more...]

My SEO personal challenge: How fast can I rank for this keyword

Day 1:  March 13th Action step:  Checked my ranking with the domain I wil be using...and as you can see, we are no where to be found. Rationale:  I chose "elder care attorney" because it had a decent traffic volume, but most of all it had the most among its keyword compadres … [Read more...]

Here are samples of my recent Website work

Below are links and examples to some of my most recent work. I haven't really done much website work during the year, but the one's I have worked on have included some of the most intricate coding that I've done/learned so I'm excited to start working on newer, next level projects. Through trial … [Read more...]

5 things I look for in a potential business partner

1. Personality - His/Her personality needs to flow well with my personality - The "clash" meter is very very low - My "At Peace" factor. I feel a sense of peace and internal comfort when interacting with this person - Listen first, Speak second 2. Leadership skills - Ability to lead, … [Read more...]

Strazzeri Mancini Law Firm welcome my mom and cousin

I was super excited to have my mom meet the Strazzeri Mancini team when she came down with Oli to visit us in July.  Mom got to see the office in San Diego, she took home a couple memorabilia which she was extremely proud of (the brochures that Strazzeri Mancini have for their services are second to … [Read more...]

Samoa Baseball is on the rise again!

For those of you who don't know this about me yet, I've had a pretty cool background in the sport of baseball. Baseball has been one of the many vehicles in which the Lord has blessed me tremendously. Here are a few notables (I'll share a massive list in a later post): - Member of the American … [Read more...]

Thank you Danielle Leslie: Here are 4 mainstream examples of being the BEST at second best

I'm grateful to Danielle Leslie for a number of reasons. 1. GenJuice GenJuice was a Nationwide Tour started by Danielle and her co-founder Arielle Patrice Scott a year ago that morphed into a massive Gen-Y entrepreneurial movement which channelled a lot of energy into the economy in the form … [Read more...]