Strazzeri Mancini Law Firm welcome my mom and cousin

I was super excited to have my mom meet the Strazzeri Mancini team when she came down with Oli to visit us in July.  Mom got to see the office in San Diego, she took home a couple memorabilia which she was extremely proud of (the brochures that Strazzeri Mancini have for their services are second to none!!), and she also can brag about winning $4.50 at the horse races :)

Every 5th Thursday of the month, the team at Strazzeri Mancini shut the offices down for the day to go on a “team” day, which consists of various activities.  The main purpose of the “team” event day is to build relationships among team members outside the office, but also to invite family members to join in on the fun.

I took my mom and Oli to the Del Mar Horse races for this team event and it was amazing! As you can see from the photos below, mom and Oli had a great time :)


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